Roces Legacy

“Welcome to the Roces table: fine food and genial company, effervescent conversation, elegant presentation, table etiquette and simple service is our style. Add to that gentle humour, wit and lively chatter which are all good for the digestion. The dishes have been prepared with our love, and that’s what makes them taste divine.”

- Alfredo (Ding) R. Roces, from the book Celebrations - A Culinary Feast from the Roces-Reyes Table


Casa Roces

Casa Roces is a full-service restaurant and café located in the genteel district of San Miguel, Manila, right across the most prestigious address in the country: Malacañan Palace. Drawing inspiration from the Roces family’s long line of freedom-fighters, pioneer journalists and artists, the quaint ancestral home has been reborn into a stylish restaurant best described as classic-meets-contemporary.


The ground floor of Casa Roces features a coffeehouse with an outdoor wooden deck, a dessert bar, and a memorabilia and accessories shop. A bar also serves cocktails, wine, beer and liquor for evening patrons. On the second floor are a bistro, an art and family heritage gallery as well as private rooms decorated with a mix of Commonwealth elegance and modern flair.